Kudzu healing instructions.

In most cases Kudzu artists prefer to use a tegaderm product. This is a transparent film with a hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive. The bandage we apply can stay on for three to four days. This bandage is safe to shower in. Some tattoos will require you to change this out on your own and to start with a fresh barrier of tegaderm, or Derm shield TM.  With longer sessions and more total area of damaged skin this is optimal and pre ordering a roll of this prior to your appointment is recommended. Your body will recognize the tattoo ink as a possible infection and plasma will try to push out the pigment applied during the tattoo. This is what you will see pooling in the pockets of the tegaderm. A new layer will have significantly less output.

To change out the tegaderm start by standing in the shower under very warm water, slowly peel the edge away and remove the bandage carefully. Once this is totally off use an anti bacterial soap to thoroughly clean the area. Only use your hands for the cleaning and nothing abrasive. Follow this same idea for cleaning, nothing abrasive; just pat dry with a paper towel. Once clean and dry, a new layer of tegaderm can be applied to the tattoo. This new barrier can stay on for three to four days as well. 

Once the tattoo is done with the tegaderm covering, continue to keep the tattoo clean and dry.  Avoid beaches, ocean water, lakes, and swimming pools. Do not expose the healing tattoo to long periods of direct sunlight. Do not submerge the healing tattoo in any water unless cleaning. Avoid large gatherings of people who could bump into the fresh tattoo, ie…theme parks, running events, concerts.  

CLEAN AND DRY is optimal, as lotions and ointments can lead to infection by clogging pores and keeping the area warm and moist, which is a haven for bacteria. 

If you normally use lotion, avoid the fresh tattoo. Avoid using sunscreen until the tattoo is fully healed which is usually 21 days from the date of the tattoo. 

We are not doctors and can not diagnose infection or an allergic reaction. If you think you are experiencing either of these please consult a physician.  Please inform the artist directly to keep us informed as well.  Feel free to reach out to us if you need further healing information.